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About us
About us

Being one of the leading interior doors manufacturers, Windoor is inviting you to take a closer look at its attractive offer. The only thing you need to do is select a model that interests you from the list provided. Each door is presented together with some sample interior designs. Thanks to that, you are able to see what a particular product may look like in your house or flat .

Our products have been divided into three categories. First of them are external doors called Calisto. However, our company specialises in manufacturing interior doors of two types: covered either with standard foil or three-directional foil.

Covering our interior doors with such laminate makes them look perfect in your houses or flats. Their unique structure allows for the reflection of light. That is why our doors present many shades of one colour depending on the insolation and the time of the day.

We offer a two-year guarantee on all of our products. Buying from our company makes it certain that you will not overpay. Cheap doors reduce the costs of the renovation. In such a way you save money that you may allocate to different purposes.

If you are not keen on online shopping, you are welcome to visit one of our manufacturer's retail stores. All of them have door models and accessories necessary during the installation process available in stock.

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