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Interior doors
Prestige line: Prim Alu

A door frame for this model

WINDOOR is happy to introduce the latest collection of rail doors of Prestige Line. The door leaves are characterised by a modernist style and long durability keeping the lowest price on the market. The Prestige Line is a group of doors of high quality and resistance to damages. It also guarantees a modern design of the interiors where the doors are installed.

Our aims: high quality for a reasonable price, design following the latest trends, a short waiting time for the order realisation.

The door leaf is made of MDF rails covered with a wood base veneer with a strong resistance to getting scratched.

The construction is enhanced by three hinges supported by a screw.

The profiles are made in the SOFTLine technology which does not join veneers on the edges. That is why the visual appearance of the door leaf is maintained at the highest level.

In order to connect vertical and horizontal elements, we have used a tenoning and a dowel fixing technology. That prevents the doors from lowering and getting warped after many years of use.

The equipment of the door leaf:

  • three silver hinges supported with a screw;
  • a key lock, a bathroom lock, a lock adjusted to a lock cylinder;
  • frosted glass, 4mm thick;
  • Available width: "60" , "70" , "80" , "90"

We also offer either adjusted or fixed centre posts, and some additional equipment: slats and quarter rounds.

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